PNR to be panelists – PHSS workshop June 13-14

With Annex 1 implementation date fast approaching we are really pleased to announce that Di Morris and Pam Turner are discussion panellists in the PHSS Sterile product manufacturing conference & Aseptic Processing workshop 2023.

Read the PHSS post here:

With Annex 1 implementation date on 23rd August, are you organised? Join us at the Sterile Product Manufacturing Conference and Aseptic Processing Workshop on the 13th & 14th of June at Moor Hall Hotel & Spa, Sutton Coldfield, for a combination of presentation, workshop and panel discussion. We have some of the most expert panel guests in the industry to talk about how to implement. The panel are James Drinkwater – F Ziel and PHSS Annex 1 and CCS Working Group, Di Morris, PNR Pharma, Ex-MHRA; Alan Moon – AM GMP Pharma, Ex-MHRA Senior Inspector and lead for Annex 1 working group; Tracy Moore – TM Pharma, Ex- MHRA; Julian Kay – GSK; Suzanne Nutter – AstraZeneca; Pam Turner – PNR Pharma. Book your place


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