To import Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) into the EU/UK from a third country, the site of importation must be named on an MIA (IMP).

PNR Pharma has approved partner depots in the EU and UK for the importation and distribution of clinical supplies, which are fully managed by PNR Pharma.

Importer of Record

Referred to as the Importer of record (IOR) this is the person/party responsible for compliance with import regulations and the payment of any fees or taxes. PNR Pharma can provide IOR services for shipments arriving in the EU and UK ensuring that accurate information is submitted to customs and other agencies. We liaise closely with the customs broker to make certain that the correct documents are submitted for customs clearance.

Storage and Distribution Project Management

PNR Pharma works closely with approved warehouse suppliers for storage and distribution of clinical supplies. We can advise on distribution packaging, labelling, temperature control and transportation, as well as shipping documentation to be included for shipments into the EU warehouse.

Supplies can be stored and shipped under the following controlled temperatures:

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