Clinical Trial Logistics

Global shipping of investigational products involves a comprehensive and strategic approach. Detailed planning, preparation and transportation practices are key to uphold product integrity and prevent delays.

Shipment Planning
Meeting study timelines is a critical aspect of the logistics process PNR will design study specific Shipment Request Forms up front listing the information required to ensure a shipment can be made to customer specifications or in accordance with IRT providers requirements. This avoids requests for additional information after a shipping request has been received and subsequent delays.
A thorough understanding of the applicable guidelines for importation of supplies into different countries is crucial. Depending on the nature of the investigational products and the countries involved, different regulatory frameworks might come into play. PNR works with specialist shipping companies and customs brokers to determine specific import requirements and confirm the correct import permits, shipping invoices, and relevant information are in place prior to distribution.
Budget considerations further emphasize the need for efficient planning. Logistics routes and shipping methods are investigated to strike a balance between maintaining quality and remaining within financial constraints.

Shipment Preparation
The investigational medicinal products should be shipped in packaging that provides adequate protection against damage, temperature fluctuations, and other potential hazards for the full transit time.
PNR will utilise validated temperature-controlled shipping containers or transport systems that include temperature monitors in the shipment to log the temperature throughout the full journey.

For global shipping, a thorough logistics plan is imperative and contingencies should always be in place in the event of un foreseen hold-ups. PNR works in partnership with specialist courier firms to manage and track the shipments ensuring products are delivered at the appropriate time under the correct conditions.

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